Industrial Hygiene is the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of health hazards in the workplace and in the community.

Our Industrial Hygiene services are available to; industry; chemical productions; refineries; commercial building construction; local/state/federal government. We are Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and have a staff of fully trained industrial hygiene technicians.

Summary of Industrial Hygiene Services

  • Perform baseline health hazard assessment and site audits.
  • Conduct personnel sampling to ensure OSHA regulatory compliance.
  • Perform area sampling surrounding potential exposure locations to ensure neighbors/community health.
  • Develop plans for workers and community health protection for construction, waste clean up, hazardous waste disposal.
  • Prepare risk assessment for production, construction, clean-up, transport and disposal of potential hazardous materials.
  • Develop specific recommendations for remediation, control, and worker protection where test results or audits identify exposure risks.
  • Program development for Health, Safety, Environmental, OSHA Compliance, EPA Compliance, Workers Compensation, Injury/Illness Reduction, Safety Organizations, Self Audits, Safety Committees.
  • Develop specific compliance programs for respirator protection, confined space, hazard communications.

Specific Examples:
For benzene, catalysts, dusts, asbestos, PAH’s, program audits and training.

Chemical Processing:
Organic Chemicals, Acids, Bases, Heavy Metals.

Heavy metal, hexavalent chromium (chromium VI) fumes, total fumes, respiratory protection, personnel protection equipment

Paper & Packaging


Hazardous Waste

Chemicals lab hood ventilation, personnel protection equipment, biosafety, radiation control, infection control printing, inks, solvents, roller washers, UV used inks, noise, hazard communities, respiratory protection asbestos abatement, initial identification surveys, specifications, workers training, project monitoring, clearance sampling




Paints and Coatings


We have offices in Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA and service capabilities in Nevada (NV), Washington State (WA), Oregon (OR) and Nevada (NV). We have affiliates in New York (NY), Dallas (TX), Chicago (IL), Boston (MA), Atlanta (GA) to provide a national network of consulting and testing services.