HRA Environmental Consultants, Inc. has provided for expert witness and litigation support on Health, Safety and Environment for over two decades. This includes asbestos personal injury defense, occupational disease, toxic torts, chemical spills, hazardous waste, workers’ compensation illness and injury, indoor air quality, mold and a variety of other chemical and biological related litigation. We have the ability to translate highly technical information into understandable and readable language both verbally and in writing. Our objective is to assist the attorney in a favorable presentation of their case supported by peer-reviewed literature and other legal decisions. We have dealt with law firms and clients throughout the country with decades of experience and have always been successful in qualifying as experts in Daubert challenges. We have a library of research studies and articles and our technical staff has experience in searching literature worldwide that addresses the issues involved in a particular case. We have rapid response capabilities and can assist clients and law firms on a short notice basis. We will travel to the sites and where cases are venued as needed for inspections, depositions or trials as required.

We have done numerous depositions and trials.
References are available upon request.

Specific examples include:

  • Asbestos Personal Injury Defense
  • Asbestos Premises Liability
  • Benzene
  • Silica
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Workers Compensation
  • Hospital Air Quality
  • Health Care- Mold & Bacteria
  • Past Exposure Reconstruction
  • OSHA Citations
  • Work Practice Simulation

We can assist our clients in developing strategies for legal action, review depositions, research cause/effect relationship, develop expert reports, appear for deposition or trial and assist in EPA OSHA citation mitigation.

OSHA violations often require technical arbitration to mitigate fines or reduce citations. Further, compliance strategies must be developed, regulations interpreted, remediation efforts evaluated for compliance, training, program development and audits.

Our team of experts throughout the U.S. and a variety of other countries can assist in establishing uniform requirements to control and minimize future litigation in a practical and cost effective manner.

Saddler (Alexandria, VA)

We have offices in Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA and service capabilities in Nevada (NV), Washington State (WA), Oregon (OR) and Nevada (NV). We have affiliates in New York (NY), Dallas (TX), Chicago (IL), Boston (MA), Atlanta (GA) to provide a national network of consulting and testing services.