Hospitals and Health Care facilities have a unique combination of environmental quality issues that must be addressed. From JCAH accreditations, OSHA Compliance, 24/7/365 operations, infectious control, waste anesthetic gases, safety of health care workers, patients, visitors, bloodborne pathogens and laboratory chemicals.

Waste Anesthetic Gas Safety applies to all facilities that handle such agents. This includes hospitals, out-patent clinics, research facilities, dental offices, veterinary offices and medical/dental/veterinary educational institutions.

Inhaled anesthetics are divided into two classes Nitrous Oxide and halogenated gases. The most common used halogenated gases are: halothane, isoflurane, sevoflurane, desflurane, enflurane, and methoxflurane. These gases can be monitored in 2 ways: area and personnel area monitoring using sample collection media for later laboratory analysis or direct reading instruments that are intended to be used for leak detection and to test the adequacy of ventilation and waste gas scavenging systems. Personnel monitoring using battery powered samples, or passive monitoring badges are used to determine the exposure of workers in areas where these gases are used, stored, tested, or exhausted.

We also have the ability to test the air for molds and bacteria with the capability of identifying individual species. Surface samples for mold and bacteria can also be evaluated as part of an infection control plan. Testing of water sources for legionella bacteria is another important capability of HRA in its effort to assist health care facilities in maintaining an environment conducive to patient treatment and recuperation.

Training of staff is another important service available to the health care facility. We offer training in respiratory protection (including N95 Fit Testing) bloodborne pathogens and general safety and personnel protection.

We have offices in Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA and service capabilities in Nevada (NV), Washington State (WA), Oregon (OR) and Nevada (NV). We have affiliates in New York (NY), Dallas (TX), Chicago (IL), Boston (MA), Atlanta (GA) to provide a national network of consulting and testing services.