We are now also an East Coast company based in New York City.

HRA is an ESG firm and provides services to help corporate clients in their Sustainability efforts and programs.

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    Indoor Air Quality

    • Mold Contamination
    • HVAC System Inspection
    • Sick Building Syndrome
    • Hospital Anesthesia Systems Leak Detection
    • Operating Room Waste Anesthetic Gas Testing


    • Environmental Compliance Programs
    • Spill Prevention and Control
    • EPA Regulatory Assistance

    Industrial Hygiene

    • Chemical Exposure Testing
    • Program Audits
    • OSHA Compliance
    • Respirator Testing


    • Workers Compensation Claims Assistance
    • Mold/Flood Claims Inspection
    • Chemical Exposure Defense


    • Safety Audits
    • Training
    • Program Audits

    Expert Witness

    • Expert Reports
    • Litigation Support
    • Asbestos